Reservation/revenue Manager | 5 to 6 Years Experience - Port Harcourt

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Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria


  • • Qualifications and Skills:

    • • At least 5 years of experience in the Reservation/Revenue Management
    • • Highly computer literate with a high level command of Excel.
    • • Knowledgeable of hotel technology: PMS, Channel Manager, GDS, CRS, Extranets
    • • Good computer skills and a perfect command of English are a must.
  • • Skill Set:

    • • Strong sense of need for achievement of goals and success.
    • • Sound ability and knowledge to develop standards of operations and strategic processes
    • • Good analytical and numeric skills for fast data crunching.
    • • Ability to work under own initiative in a highly pressured environment.
    • • Good listening skills and the ability to anticipate business needs.
    • • Able to develop relationships with 3rd parties and the hotel teams.
    • • Capacity to read situation, understand environments and respond accordingly
    • • Capable of prioritizing between revenue generating actions and time consuming tasks with low yield impact.
    • • Well developed interpersonal, adaptive influencing and supervisory management skills
    • • Mentality of client service and taking responsibility beyond direct duties.
    • • High level of motivation, determination and commitment.


  • • As a Reservation/Revenue Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the reservation process, maximizing revenue, and implementing strategies to optimize room occupancy and rates. This role involves collaboration with various departments to ensure a seamless and profitable operation.
  • • Other key responsibilities included:

    • • Oversee revenue management and distribution strategy of the hotel and manage day to day yield operations.
    • • Daily pick-up analysis, strategy adjustments and reporting.
    • • Perform competitive benchmark studies and follow market trends.
    • • Create and maintain a 12 month rolling demand calendar.
    • • Create and develop pricing strategies in conjunction with the individuality of each hotel.
    • • STAR report analysis
    • • Provide weekly dynamic forecast of expected results, variances and budget comparisons.
    • • Manage and oversee strategy for all 3rd party distribution
    • • Responsible for the projected occupancy, analysis and pricing group business strategies
    • • Analyze overall monthly hotel performance and provide a summary report with recommendations to improve long-term strategies.
    • • Ensure all related systems are configured correctly, validated and working to full capacity
    • • Oversee and audit the standards and operations of the reservations department.
    • • Ensure web site booking process is maintained up-to-date and functional.
    • • Ensure hotel personnel is fully competent in the use of all systems
    • • Conduct quarterly property performance review and develop strategic and tactical action
    • • Responsible for best practice standards to include: competitor analysis; environmental scanning; market modeling; distribution yield management; business mix yield management; length of stay yield management; inventory availability by channel; pricing control and new pricing concept.
    • • Evaluate performance of distribution partners and contracted rates (OTA, FIT, tour operator, corporate, consortia, crew, groups, etc).
    • • Reduce the cost of distribution by finding new less expensive means of delivering business
    • • Prepare outline for and support the annual revenue budget process.

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable
Positions available: 2

Minimal experience: 5 years
Gender: Female
- Availability to travel and work outside the city

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