Kitchen Steward (Casual) | 1 Year - Port Harcourt

Company: Ogeyi Place Hotels Limited
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Location: Port Harcourt , Nigeria
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1 year of experience
Stewarding Skills and Kitchen and Stewarding Equipment Knowledge.
- Polite and friendly manner.
- Attention to detail.
- Physical stamina for long hours on your feet.
- Willingness to work evenings, weekends, and holidays.
- Excellent organization and communication skills.
- Team working and customer service skills.
Primary Duties Responsibilities of a Steward
- Responsible for delivering the ultimate in professional service with the standards expected and trained by OPHL.
- Responsible for all stock and the care and control of all professional equipment within your working environment.
- Responsible for the cleanliness and presentation within your working environment in accordance with set standards.
- Participates in monthly audits and checks on all equipment to verify its location and ensure its full, safe operation.
- Responsible for escalating any complaints to the Department Head and Head Steward immediately, providing full details.
- Is responsible for helping to maintain a customer- Focused culture.
- Reports for duty properly dressed in the assigned uniform and well- Groomed according to the standards laid down by the OPHL Hotel and the Chief Steward.
- Makes sure that all food outlets have an adequate supply of clean operating equipment at all times.
- Operates all dishwashing equipment safely and according to the correct procedures.
- Makes sure that the dishwasher is emptied and cleaned at the end of the shift.
- Washes all pans and pots by hand using the correct procedure.
- Makes sure that chefs have a continuous supply of clean pans for cooking.
- Cleaning of all kitchen floors, walls, sealing, fridges, filter, Extractor Filters and other kitchen Ware.
- Makes sure the work area is clear of all hazards. If hazards do exist, e. G. Water on the floor, then correct signage must be placed.
- Ensures all operating equipment is handled safely to minimize breakages.
- Cleans all garbage from the kitchens and staff cafeteria, as required.
- Make sure the garbage area is kept clear and clean at all times.
- Checks all garbage bags to salvage re- Usable equipment (e. G. Glass, chinaware, cutlery), only when wearing appropriate protective clothing.
- Washes all rubbish bins at the end of each shift.
- Establishes and maintains friendly and helpful relationships with his/her own team as well as with other departments
- When working the night shift, make sure that all used stoves, grills, and bain- Marie are clean using the correct chemicals and cleaning equipment.
- Makes sure that all soiled equipment from all food outlets is cleaned and returned to the outlet and all rubbish is cleared.
- Any other night duties requested by the Chief Steward or his assistant are carried out.
- Attends meetings and training as requested by his/her team coach, the Head Chef, or the Head Steward.
- Complies with the OPHLs Health, Fire and Safety, and Hygiene Policies as well as all other OPHL policies and procedures. Reports all situations, which may represent a danger to guests or staff, immediately, to his/her supervisor, and takes action to rectify the situation, if possible.
- Ensures that glass, chinaware, and cutlery are carefully handled to avoid breakages and getting them chipped.
- Ensures that resources are used effectively, minimizing waste to protect our environment and reduce costs.
- Assisting the Shift leader and the senior stewarding team in any way possible.
- Performs related duties and special assignments as and when required.
- Inspect, pull, and stack cleaned items, and send soiled items back for re- Crubbing and re- Washing. Sort, soak, and wash/re- Wash silverware.
- Cleans up after business hours.
- Assures that proper safety, hygiene, and sanitation practices are followed.
- Ensures readiness and compliance in case of last- Minute changes to operations.

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Temporary Job
Salary: NGN 35.00 - 40.00 Monthly
Positions available: 4

Minimal experience: 1 year
Languages: English Basic
Gender: Indistinct

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